5 DIY Cleaning Tips Your Staff Can Help With

5 DIY Cleaning Tips Your Staff Can Help With

You spend almost a third of your adult life at work so it stands to reason that you want a clean environment for your staff to work in.  Clean desks and offices make for happier employees and a more productive work environment.  While the heavy duty tasks can be left to a commercial cleaning company there are things that you and your staff can do to keep the office tidy.  Here are 5 DIY cleaning tips your staff can help with that don’t take long at all.

Don’t Keep Paper Laying Around

While many offices are going paperless there are still plenty of businesses that have to work with paper files every day.  Files end up on desks all over the office because nobody likes filing.  This is how things get lost and causes you problems down the road.  Implement a policy where papers get filed immediately.  Set up a system so that everything is organized and your staff can easily put things away.  Here is some help setting up an office filing system.

Don’t Eat at the Desks

It may be nice to see employees working through lunch but it is not so great for your office equipment including expensive computers.  It also makes a mess all over the surface of the desk.  Have wipes handy for employees to clean both the desk top surface and the electronics they have.  It will keep surface from getting sticky and keep the place germ free.


Countless studies have shown that clutter makes people anxious and ruins productivity so don’t let it happen at the office. Desks tend to be the place where everything goes but keep it down to just the bare necessities.  Too much stuff on top of your desk is distracting so clear off the clutter.

Get Rid of the Junk

This goes hand in hand with de-cluttering but goes one step further.  Not only do you want to get rid of the clutter and organize but get rid of the pens that don’t work, last year’s calendar that is still on the wall and all the swag that sales reps keep handing out.  You don’t need it and it takes up unnecessary space.

Find a Place for Everything

Just because you aren’t sure where to put something doesn’t mean in has to stay in your work space.  Cleaning isn’t just getting rid of dust it is also putting things back where they belong.  Everything from extra paper to boxes of pens should have a place to belong and you should start putting things back on a regular basis.  It will make cleaning your office easier down the road.