How to Pick a Commercial Cleaning Service

How to Pick a Commercial Cleaning Service

When you present your business to the world then you want to make sure that it looks perfect, your premises are clean and inviting for staff and customers.  Most business owners don’t have the time to take care of cleaning their business premises themselves and that is where a commercial cleaning company comes in.  How to pick a commercial cleaning service that will do the best job possible isn’t as hard as you think.  Let us show you how to get the right services for your business.

What do They Offer?

There are a wide variety of commercial cleaning companies; some specialize in cleaning offices only while others prefer to work with restaurants or on construction sites.  You need to pick a cleaning company that can work with the type of business that you have.  You also should know up front just how often you need them to come in.  Restaurants need services 7 days a week whereas an office may be able to get away with just 3 days per week depending on the size.  Some companies will require a minimum commitment while others are more flexible.

Check Their References

Whether you are hiring an employee or an outside contractor getting references is a must!  It allows you to check with previous clients to see if the company you are thinking of working with is trustworthy.  Do they show up when they say they are going to?  Do they screen their employees and do background checks?  All of this will help you find someone that you can count on.

Do They Have All the Necessary Equipment?

Commercial cleaning is more involved than just a spray bottle and some paper towels.  Do they have the necessary staff and equipment to clean your carpets and floors?  Both require specialized equipment to get the job done.  Make sure that they are able to handle the job that you are offering, adequate staff and equipment.

Hiring a Winnipeg commercial cleaners company takes a task of your plate and frees up time for you and your staff to concentrate on revenue generating activities.  It saves you time and money and gives you the chance to focus on your business.  In the long term cleaning companies pay for themselves and are well worth the money you are spending.  Your staff and customers will appreciate a clean and sanitary workplace as well, remember that first impressions count.